Story of my Life

I am starting to realize the importance of people and family in one’s life because someone aptly said “When you grow older you remember the people you knew when you were younger” and somehow this is true because the people you came to know during school days and college years are the one’s you really know and somehow it’s true that the friends you make during childhood were actually made without any selfishness, greed, rather it was made on the loose thread of taste, liking, bonding. Those were the years when world was nothing but a beautiful and peaceful place to live and where you never heard a word about money, selfishness, politics and moreover reality. That time was simple so were we and times like that would never come back but the best thing we can do is to be free and limitless in our idea, thought and action we do because life is really what you make of it.  The one thing that I can remind you is that “you will only get those things in life which you can imagine and whatever you can imagine is true”.

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