When your conscience demands answers, you better be ready !

It all comes to a single question how you want to live your life, how you want to see you getting old, how to you want to see yourself, how you want to feel about all the things you did and the things you wanted to do when you die. Once in every interval of months my conscience knocks on the doors of my reality asking the same question that every individual of my age must have answered or in future is bound to face it that is “is this the way you wanted to live” and no matter how I handle this question I always end up giving some inexplicable answers to my conscience not to satisfy it but delay it for some more months to come.

One thing I now know is that I will get nothing out of grumbling and sulking with and on my conscience instead I have a found a way to get some, but not all answers which are mixing in my brain. I am meeting some very intelligent people and listening to their ideology of life and all the things in between and I don’t know why but their answers to some very simple questions and their way of understanding and explaining everything is refreshing that is how it is somehow satisfying my conscience and bringing me more closer to the Story of my life

I know that I only have one life and I don’t not want to waste my life living someone else life, living in the shadow of some dogma, I want to know myself more in order to form a coherent reason as to why I do what I do and what could be done.

One thought on “When your conscience demands answers, you better be ready !

  1. […] path; in these moments we are bound to ask questions and I must tell you that the moment you start asking questions, reflecting about the reasons of occurrence of these situations is the time you will come to know the answers […]

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