Impossibility in an Impossible Universe

Night Sky Mandi

The universe is vast, colorful, dark and mysterious. The characteristics that can evoke feelings of awe with amazement and bewilderment. The universe makes us realize that we are the just a minuscule part of a vast unimagined space. Now I have spent many hours, aimlessly looking and observing stars and I am fascinated by the very idea of millions of galaxies, stars, and unidentified things however above all this science thing, the important part is when I look at the sky and see this vast space, It makes me realize that I am here for just a negligible amount of time compare to the life of the stars I am watching right now so why waste any time thinking about something bad happened in the past not that contemplation is wrong but don’t regret, grumbling over little things, feeling sad because some people don’t like you. These things are part of life, you can’t make everyone happy or like you, accept this and move on. once in a while lay back accept the situations in your life, answer your conscience and remember to look at the stars before you sleep.

I wrote these lines a while ago so I thought I better share them:

I sail through this universe
Across distant planets and skies
Where stars shine so bright
With beautiful crimson light
Coming through this dark black night,

I watched planets through my window
I lay on my back to enjoy the unknown
Strangely contented, pleased is all I experienced
Kind of strange feelings that I can’t explain.

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