When we were young…

I think remembering childhood days fills your heart with nostalgia; makes you realize how happy, simple time that was; refreshes your memory and ignite those usually idle nerve cells. It reminds you of the time you spent with friends and the time you spent doing nothing however at that time it was all beautiful, it was all magic. It still is but now those faces have changed, the purity has gone and we have become a little older.

When we were young we were little bits of everything, we were poets, dancers, writers, musicians, athlete’s but now I wonder growing up is the process of giving it up one by one. We lived in simple times and now it is just so confusing. Moreover it realizes how much great opportunity rests before us. I remember my teachers distinctively, each one of them having distinctive way of teaching, they were there when we arrived and they were there when we left, once in a while they taught us something, some of them believed in us and some of them just never took us seriously. Sometimes we laughed without reason and sometimes we cried. I might not remember the time and date but I do remember the joy and happiness we shared. Words might get lost but feelings remain intact. All in all the reason I remember all these things is to remind me that there is more to life than meets the eye.

Below is the video which is close to my heart from Steve Jobs and it resonates how looking back at your life gives you direction towards better future.

Stay hungry stay foolish

4 thoughts on “When we were young…

  1. I am staring to like your blogs because I think I see the familiarity I share with these blogs of remembering childhood days. looking forward to see more of these…

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