People who speak and don’t stop…

motormouthI have had many encounters or are friends with a rare species whose stories never seem to end even when you have directed your attention away or are trying hard to find an app to stop this fourth degree torture and in this moment you may feel “why life becomes hard when I try harder”.

I am writing this because someone has to stop these idiots who are self obsessed from opening their mouth out loud and creating noise pollution or whatever frigging pollution they create. It’s just a matter of time when someone will find out the real cause of ice melting was not just the normal pollution but a significant role has been played by these people who every now and then don’t waste time or waste an opportunity of letting their carbon dioxide out. Believe you me I am not talking about those who talks more on some occasions but are naturally calm, I am talking about people who are leaps and bounds ahead (for easy reference let’s call them MOTORMOUTHS ) and when you try to speak something they have this compulsive tendency to snatch it from you and come up with a few more egotistic paragraphs, motor mouths are so fond of saying that I can bet on any day if we count the numbers of words they speak in a day it would be equivalent to 20 people combined (strictly from age 6-14).

Everyone must have talked to or are friends with or must have seen from a distance these obnoxious, non-stop talker’s who every second of their life is uttering or probably thinking of saying something or anything just gulping something out as if they think there words means wisdom to us.

But I tell you what I observed from motormouths is that they are always chasing the spotlight in some way or the other. They are always pushing hard to say their side of story that unknowingly they start ignoring what others are saying. But I tell you, most of the people you know aren’t really interested in your stories and you are the only one who takes yourself seriously.

And I have only one suggestion for motormouths: “SEEK RESPECT NOT ATTENTION”. A ‘Quiet’ kind of a confidence communicates the best and the most. Insecure people usually talk the maximum.

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