Growing up with Nature

When I look back upon the memories of my childhood I come to know the prominence Nature has played in shaping up my personality. Nature remains an intrinsic part in my life, consciously and subconsciously filling up my mind with the aesthetic aspects of things. The place I lived has hills that rose in their naked splendor, one mountain after the other, small rivers separating them from each other, valleys, dotted by houses, decorated by fields arranged like staircases, winds that breaks the silence of winter mornings and swiftly moving through mountains living a shrill life of solitude, and where man and gods live in harmony. The place is aptly called “Dev Bhumi” (The Land of Gods).

Growing up in backyard of great mountain ranges bounds to have an effect on your mind and body. When we were young, Trekking on mountains and hill was daily after school chores; natural springs was our swimming pools; forests meant for playing Hide & Seek; pollution, we never heard of; silent nights, a daily phenomenon and life was not as fast as we now see it.

I spent most of childhood outdoors and the reason I used to come home was for food and sleep not that I didn’t like to be at home but the outdoors was more fascinating. Most of my friends were in close proximity which added the necessary ingredient of fun and escape and together we were wanderers on a mission.

A quote by Albert Einstein tells you more then  I could “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better“.

Adding to this the proximity I shared with nature is one thing I relish most.

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