Time Flies


I vividly remembers the time when I and my cousin and my parents and his parents and some guests visited his farmhouse. It was a jovial get together and an opportunity laid in front of us to know more about each other. I was in school and he was about to go to college. The trip ended soon and we did enjoy that trip to his farmhouse but individually, however just to please each other we agreed to come for a trek after a few months. Now 8 years have gone by and we hardly talked (forget about the trek we planned).”  

We all come across situations in life where we usually take our closest friends, people we love, our relatives for granted. It is usually not that we do not care for them but we hardly take time to show our care towards them. I am starting to realize the importance of people and family in one’s life because someone aptly said “When you grow older you remember the people you knew when you were younger”.

Nothing matters more in life than to know that someone cares for you; loves you and sometimes in order to make them feel this way one has to show that care. Just knowing that life is short and I need to live every moment with thrill and pleasure, it gives me enough courage to step out of my comfort and do the things that matters most.

Hope you live the life you are proud of; hope you feel the things you never felt before; hope you make the most of your time.

Image: (C) Gavin

11 thoughts on “Time Flies

  1. I just switched to this theme and love the simple clear graphics (that I promptly messed with). But even if you change the background and header -it still keeps its cool.
    Cheers and keep on bloggin’.

  2. I saw a your comment on my comment and paid you a visit, and I’m glad I did. I read some of your posts and I’m in love with your writing especially your 50 word stories. You’re now followed, and I hope to read more posts from you soon! Take care!

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