Half the child I used to be


There was a time in our life when anything was possible, when we young we were little bits of everything, we were poets; we were dancers; we were musicians; we were explorers but now I wonder growing up is the process of giving it up one by one. The whole world was nowhere but around the place we live and in the proximity of our friends. The destiny was never in the future but always lied in our tiny hands and yet how ignorant were we.

We depended on our parents for everything we wanted; we observed them day and night thinking that it was normal. In our small little world our thought were limitless; our discoveries were unmatchable; our explorations were beyond awe; rain was music to our ears but this was not the reality as we were told innumerably. That magnificent looking tree was nothing but wood; a sunset was nothing but 6 in the evening; stars was nothing but burning mass and many countless little things we don’t even remember now.

The reality took the meaning of being a child from the childhood and slowly and steadily we grew in the same reality field that our parents, teachers put us into years ago and I will not blame them for it probably they may have seen enough in their life to waste time in being a child.

Still I look back and think of all the things I would have done; all the things I would have explored if this reality word had come later. And I know that the best and most wonderful things that happened in my life is because of this thirst of wonder.

Try to live as you want than you should.

Image: (C) Gavin


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