This time it felt different!

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There is one little thing that is peculiar about this photo of him. For once he acknowledges that he never feels that he is a part of the surrounding, a part of the events around him. He rather feels like a stranger. He normally does not like to be in the focus but rather at a corner, invisible from a distance but quite noticeable. But on this very occasion he blend in with the nature like a long-lost part of it. This was not a deliberate image that he took however it turned out to be a mirror of not only a physical him but a reflection of his personality.


I saw strange


You know what I saw just now, I saw defeat and I saw struggle in the same eyes that light up the corners of his room with bright aspirations and intentions in the dawn; that turns dull and defeated at the arrival of night. And each night he makes himself believe that tomorrow is going to be a fruitful one. You know what I saw just now “I saw my own reflection”.

The wonderful time we call childhood


This picture needs no description and it describes the most wonderful and incredible time one calls as childhood and there is no other way to describe these moments then through this comic strip which I occasionally love reading.

Image:(C) Calvin and Hobbes

Pipe Dreams || poetry #2

pale blue dot

I sail through this universe
Across distant planets and skies
Where stars shine so bright
With beautiful crimson light
Coming through this dark black night,

I watched planets through my window
I lay on my back to enjoy the unknown
Strangely contented, pleased is all I experienced
Kind of strange feelings that I can’t explain.

PS: I wrote this poetry for a different blog post which you can check here, however it conveys so much about me that I think it is complete in itself that is the reason I included it as a separate post.

Image: (C) Zen Pencils

Pale Blue Dot || fifty-word stories #4


At this space the vastness of earth is overshadowed by the grandness of universe which clearly becomes evident. Air becomes thin and is engulfed by the immensity of universe and you realize that we are nothing but a Pale Blue Dot on a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam.

This is my fifty-word story. Not five thousand, not five hundred, but precisely fifty words.

Image: (C) Zen Pencils

I am sorry Dad, I am not like you || fifty-word stories #3


There is madness, stupidity, loudness, and furious arguments. The two fierce lions compete for significance; they compete for power; they compete to have an influence in every decision. Both roar, both grumble but none listens and in the end both lose; bits and pieces of care and affection between them.

This is my fifty-word story. Not five thousand, not five hundred, but precisely fifty words.