Pipe Dreams || poetry #2

pale blue dot

I sail through this universe
Across distant planets and skies
Where stars shine so bright
With beautiful crimson light
Coming through this dark black night,

I watched planets through my window
I lay on my back to enjoy the unknown
Strangely contented, pleased is all I experienced
Kind of strange feelings that I can’t explain.

PS: I wrote this poetry for a different blog post which you can check here, however it conveys so much about me that I think it is complete in itself that is the reason I included it as a separate post.

Image: (C) Zen Pencils


I am mine || poetry #1

Buddha_utsav (1)

I stand alone
I got people beside me
I am different
Many people do think like me
I will make my way
To rule one more day.

Pretend, it makes me happy
I will not change any directions
I will not change my mind
But I will be a better person
I am mine.

I scream till I lose my breath
Go around the world
Show me some happiness so I can distribute
In a box, so fragile

But how much difference will it make?

Image: (C) Gavin